Monetization Battles: Advertising vs. Affiliate Marketing

If you are a serious blogger, you should put some time into deciding how to make money from it. Making money from your blog is important. This is not because it will make you rich. This is because it will let your blog grow.


Let me explain

Starting a blog is not free. At the very least, you will have to spend $50-$150 on hosting (less with hostgator discounts) and domain. As your blog will grow, these expenses will increase in form of email marketing costs, outreach costs, design costs, maintenance cost, content writing costs etc. If you don’t have revenue model in place, your blog won’t be able to survive. You yourself will lose interest in blogging because instead of acting as an asset, your blog will become a liability.

So, how do you monetize your blog? Well, two of the most common monetization methods are advertising and affiliate marketing and in this blog we put them against each other to understand which monetization method is best suited for your blog.

First of all, you should understand that both advertising and affiliate marketing are excellent monetization methods and it would be foolish to say that either of them is the best. Each method produces different results depending on blog traffic, niche and other factors. But you will get a general idea about which method works best in which conditions in this post.

Which type of blogs should go with advertising?

If you have a media blog, a technology blog, or a sports blog, you should go with advertising. These blogs drive a lot of short-lived traffic. Short-lived means that a post that you publish today will get traffic for next 5-7 days and then die off. A lot of content is required to keep constant inflow of traffic. For such dynamic and ever changing website, advertising is better option.

This is because of following reasons:-
  • Advertising sales are on a monthly basis generally, so if overall traffic is maintained, internal variations won’t matter to the advertiser
  • Ad buyers look for dynamic content websites
Which type of blogs should go with affiliate marketing?

If you have a consultancy blog, experiences blog, or a niche blog, you should go with affiliate marketing. The whole point of having these blogs is to create a dedicated community of people that are interested about a focused topic. If you have a single topic blog, then you should go with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing will let you earn money by promoting high quality products that will be useful for your blog’s community. For example, let’s say you are in the weight loss niche, then promoting an eBook on Paleo diet is an excellent option. Your readers will get to know about the benefits of Paleo diet and you will earn some cash from that.


5 Quick BBQ Myths Debunked

“Myths are meant to be debunked either sooner or later”

Myths travel the entire world by the time truth puts on its shoes. Myths are like forest fire, so damn quick in their run but very destructive. A lot of old husband tales are associated with grilling and demanded to be debunked. Many smoking wonders took to various blogs to pen down the facts and waiving off the myths. They started testing the established grilling theory and recorded loopholes along with perpetual perfections.

A lot of old husband tales are associated with grilling and demanded to be debunked. Many smoking wonders took to various blogs to pen down the facts and waiving off the myths.

They started testing the established grilling theory and recorded loopholes along with perpetual perfections.
Myth 1: That it’s possible to check meat’s doneness just with a touch of your hand.

To be a good griller you don’t need to have good neurons because your fist can’t tell the cooked status of the meat on the grills. The simple reason of this statement being out of the facts list is that everyone’s fist is different and we canít feel uniformly.

So to be an expert at grilling you need to have some decent understanding regarding the temperature and also the zeal to learn a lot about it in coming years.

This myth can be partially true given that the Cook and product over the grill is the same now for a very long time framework.

Myth 2: Waiting for the meat’s temperature to match to that of room’s.

Why people blindly followed it? As they thought that this practice prevents overcooking and helps in faster preparation of the meat.

But it comes with an added harmful disadvantage of making the meat vulnerable to bacteria because meat takes a hell lot of time to reach at room temperature.
To counter this myth its simply suggested to cook it instead of waiting for it to condense.
Myth 3: Soaking your wooden chips for better smoke.

Before even giving a thought to it just think that how things made up of wood float over the water be it a little cork or a massively constructed boat. This means wood doesn’t soak water. Getting a good smoker will help you get over this.

Putting wood into water and then letting them to cool and dry gives no result in form of their weight gain. That is their weight remains the same so there is no easy addition to the quantity of your fuel. Moreover moisturized wood does no good rather lowers the temperature.
Myth 4: Using beer for chicken

This is a common fallacy and sheer waste of your beer. As the common practice of emptying a beer can to make steam that will provide beer’s flavor depicts only nuisance on your part.
Myth 5: Marinades help in better meat penetration.

For this to be true marinades must be proper and the layer of chicken’s skin must be very thin. The common one made up from oil, vinegar and table salt doesnít work much wonder. But if you really want proper penetration make use of pastes made up of spices and salt.
Salt keeps the meat moist whereas Marinades lead to wetness of its surface and creates position of anti flavor development.

The Best Baby Video Monitors of 2016

First few months of childbirth can be really stressful for the parents. This is something that most parents experience for the first time and is probably the toughest thing that they will experience in their entire lives. Because of the stressful things that they have to do, they are unable to get enough sleep at night. Even though they may want to sleep peacefully in their bedroom, the thought of leaving their child alone in the nursery makes them anxious and worrisome. Some mothers even decide to let go of the idea of crib-sleeping and opt for co-sleeping. Co-sleeping is whether the new born baby and the parents sleep in the same bed.


Co-sleeping is not safe because it increase the chance of the baby suffocating to death. To avoid the risk and remove the anxiety, it is advised to put a baby video monitor in baby’s nursery. With a video monitor installed, parents can easily keep an eye on their baby from their bedroom.

In this post, I will share with you a list of best baby video monitoring systems available in the market for 2016.

  1. Levana Ayden – This digital video baby monitoring system is one of the highest selling and better rated products in this category. It is an average priced model that comes with a portable table style monitor.
  2. Infant Optics DXR-8 – This system works on the latest wireless communication technology and delivers high resolution footage of baby’s crib. It is a medium priced product that has been rated highly by users. As a matter of fact, it is the second bestselling product in this category.
  3. Philips Avent – This is a high quality baby video monitoring system that you should buy if you are a person that likes to go with something that has already been testified by thousands of customers. Yes, this is the best-selling baby video monitor out there.
  4. Motorola wireless – This product comes with dual cameras that can be attached anywhere in baby’s nursery. The video output is incredible. The only downside is the price; this video monitor is very expensive.
  5. Foscam FBM3501 – You can go with this baby monitoring system if you want a camera that offers decent video output and low failure rates.
  6. IO DXR-5 – This video camera uses radio waves to transmit video output from the camera to the monitor. The frequency at which communication happens is 2.4 GHz, which is a standard for this sort of unit. If you are using a wireless headset, there may be interference between signals because wireless headphones also use this frequency.
  7. Levana Sophia – A low priced, cute-looking baby video monitoring system.
  8. SI in-view – This video monitoring system is sold by Summer Infant. It is offered at a really low price and for the price, the picture quality and sound output is quite commendable.
  9. BV full colour – This product and manufactured and sold by a company named BabyVue, which is clearly a play on ‘baby view.’ It lets you control setting remotely.
  10. VTech VM321 – This product is sold with 3 year warranty and lets you monitor your baby safely and soundly.

Basic Kitchen Essentials that You Need Before you Start Cooking!

Are you a newbie at cooking? Moved out of your parental house /moving in with your partner? Started living on your own? Or, just want to know if you’ve got the basics in your kitchen?

Well, we have it for you! A list prepared by me after a lot of thought and also an observation of mother’s kitchen (which, btw helped me too :D)! These are few of the basics you need in your cooking arena! They will help you prepare food like a pro. And the result will be mouth watering (given that you focus on the ingredients too :P)

Let’s get started.


These are the basic equipment that you’ll need to prepare any dish.


Instead of going for specialized knives, go for a CHEF’S KNIFE. It can serve almost all purposes of a new cook.


Make sure you have an extendable faucet. You can read some kitchen faucet reviews at KitchenGuyd.


These come handy for grating vegetables and cheese, for salads, pasta, etc.


They are required to mix liquids, puree tomatoes, chop vegetables and also for making smoothies!

Finally, a MIXING BOWL, where you can mix your ingredients, is a must in every kitchen.
Cookware is where you’ll process all the raw materials, ending up with your yummy dishes!

Frying Pan

These are required for browning, frying and to sauté.


A saucepan with a comfortable handle would be used for cooking pasta, soups, rice and vegetables.

Rolling pin

Rolling Pin for flattening and shaping dough will be needed


These are usually used for cooking Chinese food. But, they can be utilized even otherwise. You can use it to toss salads, kneading dough or mixing batter. They are fantastic for making scrambled eggs. Eggs would cook almost instantly and won’t stick.


Is very useful when cooking in big amount. It can be used for making large quantities of stocks and soups. You will also need it to cook lentils and beans.

Dutch oven

Though not a necessity, since these can be used on the stovetop as well as in an oven, we’ve included it here. They also work as tableside service.
Other essentials

Ladles and Spoons

The utility of ladles and spoons is self-explanatory. You will need them to cook, stir, mix, and serve.
Oven mitts

If using an oven or a microwave, please use oven mitts. They will keep you safe from burns. They will also give a good hold on the hot utensils thus eliminating the risks of spilling.


A whisk is used to blend ingredients together and bring air into mixtures.
Potato masher

A potato masher will be used to crush cooked food (not just potatoes :P).

Finally, you will need some storage and serving utensil, and the pan will work just fine.

1) This list doesn’t include the cooktop. You can install the conventional gas cooking stove or the latest induction cooktops. And if you’re using microwaves only, you can leave out the tools that are used on cooktops.
2)Eating utensils can be bought as per requirement.

So fellas, If you don’t have any of these, it’s time for some kitchen shopping! Go ahead and equip your kitchen!!

Happy cooking 😀